About Us

Education Review is the leading reputable and independent publication for New Zealand educators.

Education Review covers the topics concerning those with a vested interest in New Zealand’s schooling and tertiary sectors.

About NZME.

NZME. – New Zealand Media & Entertainment – is New Zealand’s premier media and entertainment business, with a portfolio of leading newspaper, radio, digital, e-commerce and print brands. Every week, our much loved brands reach over 2.9 million kiwis. Whether reading, listening, watching or engaging with our brands, our audience can get the content they want, from us – where and when they want it.

About NZME. Educational Media

NZME. Educational Media is a vigorous division of NZME. that serves the education and health sectors in New Zealand. It has a stable of publications that combine to cover all aspects of primary through to tertiary and further education in the education market, and comprehensive coverage of the aged care and nursing industries. Using the latest technology to address this range of niche publishing markets, the company has access through its print and digital to virtually every child, student, teacher, university student, academic, and health professional in the country.

NZME. Educational Media has identified the importance and dynamism of the education and health sectors and is growing and adapting with these sectors, working in successful partnership with a large range of educational and health institutions.

NZME. Educational Media is not just covering the education and health sectors – it is a part of them.

NZME. Educational Media publish the following sector-leading titles:

  • EducationCentral – The independent and impartial go-to news source for all New Zealand educators, politicians, policy makers and parents: http://educationcentral.co.nz
  • HealthCentral – The independent and impartial go-to source for New Zealand health professionals, and anyone with a vested interest in health and wellbeing: http://healthcentral.nz
  • Education Review – Providing in-depth coverage of the education sector: www.educationreview.co.nz
  • Education Gazette – The Ministry of Education’s official publication and source of vacancies for teachers: https://gazette.education.govt.nz
  • Nursing Review – New Zealand’s independent publication for nurses: www.nursingreview.co.nz
  • INsite – The aged care and retirement industry website: www.insitemagazine.co.nz
  • JETmag –  aimed at career advice and study options: www.jetmag.co.nz
  • Custom publications – we have created magazines, newsletters, and marketing campaigns for several leaders in the health, aged care, and education sectors.

For more information on any of our titles, please contact us on 04 915 9795 or visit our website: www.nzme-ed.co.nz