What makes a good teacher?

February 2016


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Education Review asked some younger kids for their thoughts on what makes a good teacher.

  • “If they are nice.” Millie, aged 7
  • "Doing art, and painting, and drawing pictures. That is all." Mason, aged 5
  • “Someone that can make us all laugh and gives fair consequences.” Tyler, aged 10
  • "Looks after us, teaches us really good things, is kind and loves us!" Arthur, aged 5
  • “A good teacher is one who wants the student to progress in their learning and who puts the effort into making sure students understand what they are learning.” Thomas, aged 15
  • "She's kind. She does nice stuff. She lets us to go on the iPad and computer and gets us new games on them. Sometimes she lets us to have free play time." Stella, aged 7
  • “I think a good teacher is one that makes a comfortable and friendly environment for all the students. So everyone is happy and likes coming to school.” Keira, aged 10
  • “To me a good teacher is one that is really interested in what they are teaching, so the interest spreads to the students, and they want to learn about it more. Also someone who is funny and calm.” Arlo aged 12
  • “I want my teacher to teach me a lot of stuff and be nice.” Taylor, aged 7
  • “Do heaps of maths so I can learn heaps. Be nice and have good shoes.” Eden, aged 5
  • "Being nice and kind is what I would always like." Mia, aged 6
  • “They have to be funny. And fun.” Emily, aged 5
  • “If she is nice and not really mean and she likes doing activities.” Daniel, aged 7

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