Sector groups oppose EDUCANZ



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The New Zealand Principals’ Federation (NZPF) and the Post-Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) continue to express their concerns about EDUCANZ, the new professional body set to replace Teachers’ Council, as the underpinning legislation swiftly proceeds to its second reading.

hands up classroomPresident of the NZPF, Philip Harding, said he was astonished that so little in  the Education Amendment Bill (no. 2) had changed despite 1500 written submissions opposing the legislation and just 13 in support.  

“We are heading towards the creation of an educators’ council, funded by teachers from their own pockets, but with virtually no influence on the selection of their representatives,” said Harding.

“This is a lost opportunity to refresh the Teachers’ Council and its processes, with the profession taking ownership of all the important tools and instruments that it offers.

“Instead, EDUCANZ risks becoming an arm of Government, funded by us, but without our support.”

PPTA president Angela Roberts said members will be considering all options in terms of non-cooperation with the new body. 

“If the government proceeds it will have the power to charge us for functions we don’t want, duplicate roles of other education agencies and, to top it off, we would have no control over its membership.”

The PPTA supports amendments to the bill proposed by the Green Party that would “create a democratic council focused on the core business of regulating entry to and exit from the teaching profession”.

"This would protect students by making sure that a new body focuses on its core business which is ensuring that only people fit to practise do so. It would put teachers on a similar footing to other professional groups such as doctors and lawyers," said Roberts.

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