Professional Development

February 2017

June 2016

  • Karl Vasau

    South auckland pasifika principals pursue postgrad pd

    Karl Vasau Rowandale School principal KARL VASAU was one of four principals in the Pacific Island Manurewa Principals (PIMP) group to pursue a postgrad professional development opportunity. He believes professional development is “critical” for principals. 

April 2016

  • Jude Barback

    Ed's Letter - Exciting and inclusive PD

    I recently attended a professional development day at my children’s school. The invitation was extended to parents and the board of trustees to join staff for a day of discussing and redefining the school’s vision, led by Core Education’s Jo Wilson.

  • PD for tertiary

    PD for tertiary teachers: yes please!

    Professional development for tertiary educators is vital. In the absence of formal training, the opportunity to collaborate with others to share best practice and learn new skills and strategies is essential. Education Review talks to Cath Fraser about her Problem-Based Learning workshop, aimed at tertiary educators.

  • walking the talk

    Enacting school vision – are we walking the talk?

    Core Education’s JO WILSON describes the steps schools and communities can take in order to achieve their preferable future.

  • Alone

    What if we didn't do it alone?

    #edchatNZ founder DANIELLE MYBURGH extends an invitation to join the new #edchatNZ MOOC (massive open online course) – a professional development opportunity with a difference for New Zealand educators.

  • positive education

    A positive education for all?

    Within the past decade, a quiet groundswell of interest has contributed to a gradual shift in the way that educators see the world. GABRIELLE MILLS reports on a professional learning experience focused on positive education.

  • blended learning

    Engaging learners in a blended learning environment

    JILL TANNER-LLOYD, Ako Aotearoa’s communication manager, joined participants at the first delivery of the organisation’s newest professional development workshop to find out what teaching strategies are needed to maximise learner engagement and success when using blended learning.

February 2016

  • Learning visible

    Making learning visible: putting Hattie into practice

    Professor John Hattie’s meta-analyses have helped to unveil effective teaching and learning practices. Here, LYNDA SHANKS shares how this research is being made accessible to schools and teachers through the popular Visible Learningplus programme.

  • VET

    VET: no longer the poor relation

    JUDE BARBACK talks to global Vocational Education and Training (VET) experts about why VET is starting to take centre stage.

  • Fee Holdsworth

    Upskilling and opportunity: The Mind Lab

    FEE HOLDSWORTH shares her journey of professional development in the area of digital and collaborative learning.

  • Ten Trends

    Ten years of Ten Trends

    As CORE Education’s influential Ten Trends initiative enters its 10th year, KAREN SPENCER looks back on the origins of the trends and what’s in store for 2016.

October 2015

  • Tertiary teachers

    In search of (more) excellent tertiary teachers

    Ako Aotearoa’s JILL TANNER-LLOYD looks at what attributes are shared by the recipients of this year’s top national Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards (TTEAs) in an effort to define what makes an excellent tertiary teacher.

  • mind lab

    Emerging from The Mind Lab

    Kristin School teacher, NATHAN CALVERT was among the first 130 teachers to undertake The Mind Lab by Unitec’s Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice (Digital and Collaborative Learning). He was named as the winner of the NEXT Foundation Expert Teacher Award. Here, Education Review asks him about the award, the course and the future.

  • revolution

    A quiet but noisy revolution in the language classroom

    DR ROSEMARY ERLAM discusses the shift in teaching languages to the internationally recognised, task-based language teaching approach and how New Zealand language teachers can use this approach effectively.

May 2014

March 2014

December 2013

  • Teachers-Council.jpg

    Sun sets on Teachers Council

    With the new Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand set to replace the New Zealand Teachers Council next year, teachers are anxious that their new independent statutory professional body truly is independent. JUDE BARBACK looks at how things are evolving.

July 2013

  • 166417084.jpg

    Politics, the world and teacher education

    Are the international and political contexts of education being adequately addressed in New Zealand teacher education programmes? JUDE BARBACK looks at what measures several schools of education are taking to ensure an outward-facing approach.

January 2013

September 2012

  • Real victims of education politics

    Teaching can be a stressful occupation, made more stressful by intense political scrutiny and change. JUDE BARBACK looks at the causes, consequences, and coping strategies of teacher stress.

  • In Piaget's footsteps

    American professor Alison Gopnik is emerging as a leading light in child psychology. LAWRENCE WATT reports.

  • Secret Agent Society

    An Australian PhD study that trialled a programme to help children with Asperger’s Syndrome is fast becoming an international phenomenon.

February 2012

March 2010

March 2011

  • Shooting stars

    Bang goes your career? Some things you might want to know about winning a national teaching award.

  • Finding the right stuff

    Stuart Middleton looks at new ways to attract a variety of people to the profession.

  • What pushes your button?

    Workplace stress can hit teachers hard. WAYNE ERB finds out the first thing to do is identify the cause.

  • How we do things around here

    Workplace culture is a common concept in other sectors, so what about in schools? WAYNE ERB takes a look at two examples at either end of the spectrum.